Tell us a little about you and your company.

I’m Kelly King, the founder and executive producer of INC FILMS LLC. We are a Los Angeles based company that specializes in commercial and narrative production.

How was your post production before you started working with Press Digital Media?

We used to go through dozens of editors a year, if we found someone who could cut ads, they couldn’t do narrative or doc, etc. We would have to individually source each editor, assistant editor, DIT, for every shoot.

How did you find out about Press?

A mutual friend had a great experience with Press Digital and recommended them for an upcoming project I had in the works.

What prompted you to look in to post solutions with Press?

Knowing that one company could provide a complete post solution and take the burden of sourcing, hiring, and managing the post team was what inspired us to give them a try.

How was it dealing with the Press Digital team?

Right away, we liked the workflow of the Press Digital team; their knowledge spans all of the top editing, graphics, and color programs. They are excellent communicators, and they know how to come through in a pinch.

What was it like after wrapping up your project?

Wrapping up a project with Press is just as easy. Excellent accounting and digital invoicing make completion a snap. They also button up project files and assets in the most organized and easy to pass along way I have ever seen.

What was the result of the videos produced?

After having done multiple projects with Press Digital over the last two years, we’ve seen significant view count increases and much better turnover rates on converting viewers to buyers. While many factors affect those successes, it is without a doubt due in no small part to having the strength and experience of the Press Digital team working with us.


Kelly King / Director

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