Firecode LA

Tell us a little about your company.

At Firecode LA we engineer what we call Brand DNA, meaning we can strategically build everything from the brand pillars, identity, go to market strategy and more.

How was your post production before you started working with Press Digital Media?

Our editing and video projects were okay, but Press Digital Media took everything to a new stratosphere of professionalism and quality. It was like crawling up stairs to instantly flying above mountains.

How did you find out about Press?

They kept catching our eye and always seemed to be doing content we liked so we reached out to them. Turns out we had mutual connections.

What prompted you to look in to post solutions with Press?

Quality and creativity.

How was it dealing with the Press Digital team?

World class team, can’t match the quality of the product you get or how easy it is to work with them.

What was it like after wrapping up your project?

It’s nice to always get a quick response if you have questions or need something when project ends, thats for sure.

What was the result of the videos produced?

The footage and content continues to be used over a year later because of how strategically thought out and and amazing the content was. We were basically armed with a library of cinema quality content that is still cut into paid media and social ads to this day.


Shad Lambert / Marketing Strategist

Our Project