Speed Wobble

Tell us a little about your back story.

Hi my name is Ira Ingram,
I first picked up a camera because of skateboarding. Making videos is an integral part of street skateboarding, and so my love of film making came to me through my love of skateboarding. Now nearly 30 years after I first stepped on my first skateboard I have been able travel the world and create content for incredible networks and brands such as, [adult swim], Cartoon Network, Funny or Die, Oakley, Vans, Lexus, and Red Bull. Last year When I decided that it was time to start my own Production Company (Speed Wobble Productions), I knew right away I would lean on Press Digital Media for all my post needs, that was a no-brainer for me.

How was editing before you started working with Press Digital Media?

In a word, overwhelming. Clients in today’s market require a complex list of deliverables that need to be formatted for multiple platforms. Managing your post production has never been so demanding.

How did you find Press Digital Media?

PDM was recommended through colleagues, I became aware of and consequently a fan of Tom Carter’s work over a decade ago while the two of us were working on shows for Fox/Fuel TV. When I heard he was at the helm of PDM I knew that the company would maintain a work ethic and level of quality that would be difficult to match.

What was it like after wrapping up the Red Bull “You Good?” project?

It was delightful! Clients like Red Bull have an arduous QC and delivery process that even the most seasoned editors can find daunting. Press was in constant contact and this process was seamless, organized, and punctual.

What prompted you to look in to Press Digital Media for solutions?

I needed a post house that was adept in a wide array of project types, and someone I could trust to work with and deliver to my most valued clients.

How was it dealing with the Press Digital Media team?

We have found a home for our post needs with Press. Their team excels in every department that matters to us as a production company, communication, work ethic, creative insight, and technical execution.

What was the result of the Red Bull “You Good?” video project?

Red Bull Skateboarding’s “You Good?” was our first large scale production as a new company and we trusted PDM with our post needs from inception to delivery. In the end the project was a tremendous success and achieved a huge impact for our clients. As I write this only months after it’s release the video has received rave reviews globally from both endemic and non-endemic media outlets alike. It has attained over 2.5 million views on youtube and counting, not to mention a dominating social media presence that has yet to dissipate. We attribute much of the success of this production to the quality and authenticity that Press Digital Media helped bring to the production.


Ira Alfred Ingram / DP / Producer

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